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Hello and welcome to the social media business management team.  We set up, run, and do your social media marketing for you.


Use Facebook; Twitter; Snapchat; Instagram and websites to build your business.  We set it all up for you and run it for you allowing you to focus on your business.  

How will using Social Media help me succeed?

Reach hundreds, thousands, even hundreds of thousands on the web through social media strategy and social media platforms.  

Social media business does the work for YOU!

Social Media can be a scary place; that's why social media business will do ALL YOUR social media feeds for you; freeing you to run your business.

We offer one time set ups (renewable every year) as well as full management package (discount on yearly purchases).  

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Packages Pricing

SET UP ONLY: $250.00 (includes showing you how to set up and use the five social medias).

MANAGEMENT SET UP: $500.00 (Includes SET UP and in depth training of social media platforms+first month of management).

Monthly management fee: $500.00/month.  Includes all tweets, snap chats, Instagrams, facebook posts, and website management for your business.  You tell us what needs to be said daily, weekly, or monthly and we make it happen.   

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